Jumbo Tubular Batteries

Jumbo Tubular Batteries are built with proven tubular plate technology for long life and frequent discharge over long periods of time. Internal short circuits are minimized by using a puncture-resistant polyethylene separator. The best option for places that experience extended and frequent power outages. They are very effective and economical to use.

Solar Battery

Solar Battery has a lengthy float and cyclic life span, as well as a very high specific gravity and a very low self-discharge rate. This battery can be used in a variety of applications.Excellent cycle performance with quick charge acceptance after deep discharge. This is safe to use.

IT Battery

IT Battery has 30% more acid volume per ampere-hour. This battery is a tough battery with thicker plates for tough conditions is included. It is a next-generation tubular battery that is compared to ordinary tubular batteries. This battery is very easy to install as well as simple to use.

E Vehicle Battery

E Vehicle Battery allows battery makers to save space, resulting in a smaller battery pack overall. This battery is a rechargeable battery that is utilized in electric cars and a variety of portable electronics. This battery is very effective and widely used.


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